Writing the Civilitary Theory 

The Civilitary theory came into life in 2015 at Harvard Kennedy School of Government. It originated from a research project by a Wexner Fellow named Gil Avirel (WIF 26' at the Harvard Center for Public Leadership;  MC-MPA 2015, Harvard Kennedy School of Government; LL.M Georgetown Univ. Law Center (Thomas Bradbury Chetwood Prize)).

This website expands on the Civilitary Theory that was published in the article: "Terrorism 2.0 - The Rise of the Civilitary Battelfield"  Harvard National Security Journal 199  (2016). The website presents additional information and supports the theory with new graphs that were not published before.  

 The objectives of the research in Harvard as well as the website are threefold:  

 To shed light on current developments in the Middle East and Africa through an analytic and structured theory; To demonstrate patterns in the evolution of terrorist groups which could indicate the future trends of certain groups and  to impact the political, diplomatic, legal, academic, military and public discourses, in an effort to bridge the gap between outdated terms and the new reality. Meeting these three objectives will help the international community to better understand, and thereby address, the national security challenges of our time. 

 The Civilitary theory was presented, among other places, in the International Law Association British Branch Spring Conference 2016, the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) 2016, the Belfer Center for Science and International Affair at Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Yale Law School, Brandeis University, AJC Boston, Ted in Harvard, Wellesley and Lexington in  Massachusetts,  Washington D.C and many other places.  

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The Civilitary Theory​​