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Examples of ​Civilitary Model II 

​​​CivlilItary Model  III:  ​Hezbollah

Hezbollah has followed all three stages of Civilitary Theory. 

It emerged as a Model I group once it gained de facto control over the territory of the Bekaa Valley area and southern Lebanon, and governs the lives of many civilians. Hezbollah advanced quickly to Model II, since the early stages of the Syrian crisis, Hezbollah executed terrorism across the border, against Syrian civilians.  

According to U.N. reports, Hezbollah's actions in Syria have included massacres, widespread attacks on civilians, systematic murder, torture, rape, and enforced disappearance, amounting to crimes against humanity. Hezbollah’s troops are also active in Iraq. In addition, Hezbollah has shot thousands of rockets into civilian settings in northern Israel.

In addition, Hezbollah has planned and executed numerous terrorist attacks around the world through its clandestine External Security Organization. With massive support from Iran, Hezbollah has acquired and developed unprecedented terroballistic capabilities, and has ascivilated them in densely populated residential locations and villages in Lebanon in order to shield the group from attacks. These acts moved Hezbollah from Model II to Model III.

Hezbollah has evolved further than Hamas on Model III not only because its terroballistic arsenal is much bigger, but also because its transnational terrorist activity — including executing terrorism in different parts of the world— is considered by some academic experts to be sophisticated

​​​CivlilItary Model  III

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Examples of ​Civilitary Model III

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The Houthis in Yemen

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Boko Haram